April 16, 2012

On our recent visit to the field site in California this pool was bursting with color from the vernal pool species flowering!

Full of water

April 16, 2012

This pool has still has  lots and lots of water.  We will have to wait for it to dry up before we see the flowers starting to pop up.

Flag in the field

April 16, 2012

We use these flags to mark the location where we want to survey litter depths.  Because this pool still has water in it we can’t survey right now, when the pool dries up we will find this flag and know the exact spot to look and count the number of seedling and adult plants!

Akasha in the field

April 16, 2012

Akasha Faist Vernal Pool Here is Akasha in the field recording how litter is affecting germination.  Sound similar to what you are doing in the classroom?

Litter in the field

April 16, 2012

See all of that litter Akasha is pointing at? We are doing two types of  germination experiments testing litter.  The first is the experiment you are doing in the classroom looking at how litter affects Lasthenia conjugens germination  and the second is a field experiment (shown here) to see how this litter affects all of the  vernal pool species.

Sharon recording vegetation data

April 16, 2012

Sharon surveying the vegetation in a pool that doesn’t have any more water and the flowers are blooming!

Sharon working in the field

April 16, 2012

See all of those yellow flowers? Those are Lasthenia conjugens, the same species you are germinating in your classroom!

Germination Experiment

April 2, 2012


Welcome to our first installment of KIDS CORNER!  This is an interactive site that allows you to post responses to our questions and where you can let us know how the experiment is progressing.   Also, when we go into the field in California we will be able to post pictures of the field site where your seedlings came from!

Feel free to let us know how your experiment is going at any time.  Is your experiment is going well? Are you starting to see the tiny little seedlings sprouting up under the different treatments?   Also, stay tuned!  In a couple of weeks when we are working in California we will be posting lots of pictures of these cool wetland plants,  some invasive plants and more!

Hope you are having fun!

Akasha and Sharon



Kids do Science!

October 9, 2011

Check back for more information about our student outreach endeavor.