September 2014

Dear Prospective Graduate Student,

Thanks for your interest in the Collinge lab! I currently advise students in the graduate program in Environmental Studies (ENVS) ( program and the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology ( graduate program.  I am the primary advisor for three Ph.D. students, one MA student, and one BA/MA student.  My current students conduct independent and integrated research related to conservation biology, restoration ecology, and the integration of ecological processes with human values and policies. My current research, funded by an NSF LTREB grant, is focused on vernal pool plant community ecology and restoration, which is based at my long-term field site at Travis Air Force Base, California.

 I have recently assumed greater administrative responsibilities on campus as Director of the ENVS program and Implementation Director of the proposed School of the Environment and Sustainability ( With those major responsibilities and my current lab student composition, I have decided not to recruit any students for Fall 2015. Please check back next year if you remain interested in working with me as a graduate student. Additionally, I recently shifted my joint appointment with ENVS and EBIO to being fully rostered in ENVS, so I will no longer be the primary advisor for students in EBIO.


Thanks again for your interest in my research program, and I wish you the best in your research pursuits!



Sharon Collinge